Members, Mentors & Sponsors

Our student members make this happen!  ESW Hawaii members are Hawaii’s community leaders and dedicated students and professionals with a passion for the field of engineering, the aina and utilizing their knowledge and skills to better the future for human kind. (resumes / bios linked to name)

  • Faculty President: Dr. Aaron Hanai
  • Faculty Vice-President: Dr. Harry Davis 
  • Faculty Adviser: Dr. Austin Anderson

ESW Hawaii Leaders:

  • William Kaeo
  • Alex Lum
  • Andrew McCarthy
  • Jackson Poscablo
  • Yuusuke Suganuma
  • Geena Wann
  • Tiffany Montoya
  • Matthew Lynch
  • Ulla Hasagar
  • Lionel Antonio
  • Drew Wantanabe
  • Carmen Garcia
  • Austin Tomasu
  • Bryson Rulona

ESW Members:

  • Bryson Racoma
  • Daniela Ojeda
  • William Arenivas
  • Skye Nakamura
  • Shawn Quinn
  • Matt Yoshioka
  • Kelson Andrade
  • Oscar Gonzalez
  • Jin Young McDaniel
  • Mervin Cash
  • Brendan Cha
  • Elizabeth Kwok
  • Robert Scimeca
  • Tyler Lopez
  • Kanetani Konnor
  • Pasha Raza
  • Joshua Kaoiwi

Become a member here!

Special Thank You:

  • Bob Franco, PhD
  • Myron Thompson
  • Mathew Lynch
  • Kawika Delos Reyes
  • Maria Bautista, PhD
  • Herve Collin, PhD
  • Ulla Hasager, PhD
  • Keolani Noa, PhD
  • Krsta Hiser, PhD
  • Kendall Kido

Sponsors & Supporters:

Engineers for a Sustainable World Organization:

Kapiolani Community College:

University of Hawaii:

Solar Cool Hawaii:

Universal Manufacturers:

All-Build Construction:

Re-Use Hawaii:


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