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T-Shirt Booster! – Support a Greener Future in Hawaii

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Help Hawaii’s student Engineers pay our annual dues, purchase tools and keep our chapter alive in Hawaii

We don’t often do fundraisers, but when we do it’s important….
Help us pay our annual dues, purchase tools and keep our chapter alive in Hawaii and take home an awesome T-shirt designed by us on Solidworks CAD software!!
Great to wear when you’r hanging a picture, working in the yard or garage, clearing a drain, assembling furniture or anytime you want to look good with a tool in your hand!


Greenhouse Automation Project Underway!


Our months of planning have “completed” and we are underway implementing our design!

We have begun work on two components of the upgrade and automation of the Kapiolani Community College Greenhouse:

  • The install of a water bypass with water flow meter. This will allow the students and faculty to monitor water use a function of time, watering cycle and total usage. This will also give us baseline data as to how much water our design is saving and allow us and the botany department fine tune how water is used in the Greenhouse.
  • The install of a Rockwell Micrologix 1400 Programmable Logic Controller. This state of the art, robust piece of industrial technology will allow us to control every electrical component and fixture in the greenhouse. It will also allow the control of these systems via the internet and data logging of all things electronic.

Stay tuned for more on the ESW Hawaii Greenhouse Project!

ESW in UH System News

“Solar Cart project powers up renewable energy education”

View the story:

“Projects like the Kapiʻolani CC Solar Cart are a vital part of the university’s larger strategy to improve sustainability and sustainability education because they offer us the ability to enhance students’ learning experience through solving real-world challenges that directly impact our campuses,” said UH System Sustainability Coordinator Matthew Lynch. “These small-scale pilot projects also allow us to test innovative technologies and ideas to develop viable solutions that can be deployed at larger scales.”

E HOʻOMAIKAʻI ANA ia ʻoukou!

This is the step that everyone needs to be taking in the world.

If Every home had something like this, they would be able to survive without generators and other costly things that most of the Kanaka cannot afford in the first place.

I hope that you can make a copywrite or something and sell the plans because I have 38 in my household and have lived through 2 hurricanes struggling with my 7 children now with 18 grandchildren too.

We would surely be able to build one with the diverse talents in our ʻohana because everyone is a “jack of all trades” and a master of none.

I am the first one able to go to college at 50. My two daughter in laws have liberal arts degrees and other than that, we all just have work experience in the real world.

But this project that you folks have created would be just as important as our hulihuli machine, our poi grinder, our pakini, and our toolshed.

Because this would help our ʻohana connect with the modern amenities that we need when there is no other source available.

Hūlō Hūlo Hūlō!

Iesū pū, aloha.

Tūtū Māmā Uʻilani Kūhaulua