About Us

Short Description: Design and implement sustainable projects, provide community/campus with new ideas to promote sustainability & provide education with sustainable focus.

Club Overview: Engineers for a Sustainable World – Kapiolani Community College, Hawaii Chapter was founded to actively engage Hawaii student engineers with pre-college students, University of Hawaii faculty, the local community and all STEM departments to initiate conversation on, design and implement projects of varying scope that directly address creating a more sustainable campus, local and global way of life.

Our Mission: Engineers for a Sustainable World has a vision of a world of environmental, social and economic prosperity created and sustained by local and global collective action. ESW’s mission is to:

  • To forge innovative, lasting solutions to local and global sustainability challenges.
  • Design and implement sustainable projects through our student and professional chapters
  • Educate and train individuals and organizations on sustainable policies and practices
  • Build a global network of communities with a shared culture of sustainability
  • To create a bond between the field of Engineering and Global Sustainability and share the possibilities of both, through implementation, on a local, national and global stage.
  •  To form long lasting relationships with campus, local, national and world members of the engineering community with a sustainability driven focus.
  • Share our passion and love for the Field of Engineering and its endless possibilities to all people.

The objectives of ESW-KCC are to:

  • Provide education with sustainable focus to future engineers.
  • Provide community/campus with new ideas to promote sustainability
  • Break down and invent ways past spoken language barriers in order to collaborate with global engineering students.
  • Working as an organization on projects representing varying geographic scopes and engineering disciplines with diversity each semester.
  • Progress towards a better world for all life.
  • Educational and Professional development.
  • Integrity before short term profits.
  • Design with the highest ethical, morale and environmental values.
  • Involvement in youth and humanitarian
  • Value in all engineering sub-disciplines and their contributions toward our mission.

Please contact us via email with any questions, ideas, or concerns: eswkcc@gmail.com