Geek Day at LCC!

Free Workshops on Technology and Digital Life

Free to the Public! Next Saturday February 27, 2016 10am-3pm

Link here:

Transforming a Photo into a Painting
Learn the secrets of filters and adjustments that can take an ordinary photo and transform it into an artistic masterpiece. Using Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter.

Google Cardboard
Immerse yourself in a different world, with only your smartphone and Google Cardboard. This interactive session will give you an experience of Google’s mobile VR (virtual reality) technology, where you can watch immersive movies and animation, enjoy concerts like you’re really there, play games, and more. Bring your own smartphone (iOS or Android). Limited number of Cardboard viewers available to try during the session, so get a jumpstart by downloading the free Google Cardboard app BYOD

Easy Graphic Design with Canva
Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that makes it easy to create beautiful and professional-looking graphics and documents. There are tons of free templates, graphics, and fonts to choose from. Come to this session to learn and practice some basic graphic design techniques using Canva. You won’t believe how easy it is!

Using Your GoPro App
Are you intimidated by your GoPro and the GoPro App? Or, do you just wish that you understood how to use them better? If so, this hands-on workshop is for you! Specifically, you will learn how to link your GoPro camera to your smartphone or tablet, how to use the GoPro App to control your camera and even edit short video clips without a computer, and how to share videos and photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. BYOD

Please be sure to bring your GoPro Hero3 or Hero4 camera and your smartphone or tablet. Don’t forget to bring a charged battery and the memory card! 

Camera Modes Made Easy:
A Hands-On Workshop

Do you have a digital camera with numerous shooting modes? Do you use them or do you just shoot in Auto? If you only shoot in Auto, you are not letting your camera or your photography reach it true potential. If you want to do more with your camera and your photography, this workshop is for you! We will explain what the numerous shooting modes do and, time and weather permitting, we will even help you practice using them!

Please be sure to bring your digital camera. Don’t forget to bring a charged battery and the memory card!

Blog Away: What can Blogging do for YOU?!
Learn about the versatile power of the blogosphere, where everyday people are posting thoughts, highlighting fashion choices, sharing favorite recipes, updating friends and family on life, and/or building an empire of followers. Find out what a blog is, how to start one (we will look at two free blogging platforms – wordpress and tumblr), and learn about real-life examples of blogs helping normal people (like me and you!) to enact change and connect with millions of “strangers”.  Level: Beginner

Podcasting with Adobe Audition
Learn to use Adobe Audition to produce, edit and distribute podcasts. In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques for creating professional quality podcasts for web dissemination.

The Internet of Insecure Things 
and why we need to change how
the Internet of Things (IoT) is implemented:

The allure of the Internet of Things have driven huge corporations like Shidler Elevators to adopt it so their premium elevator installations can “phone home” and automagically order parts and services before the customer knows there is a problem brewing in the system. While not a new concept, the depth and width of monitoring has exploded in recent years as the enterprise rides the IoT wave. However, many IoT implementations are utilizing inherently insecure methods of transferring data as punctuated by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek who demonstrated in a July 2015 issue of Wired Magazine, how they could remotely force a Jeep off the road.

Linux & the Command Line
This session will introduce you to the basics of the Linux Operating System.  A brief talk will be given about what is Linux and then we will jump into learning about the command line interface with hands on experience.

Hacking for Good
Come and learn about white hat hackers and the services they provide to help secure our data and networks.  After a brief talk you will actually be able to perform an attack in a secured environment. Come and learn how to become one of the good guys!

Build Your Own App with App Inventor
App Inventor is a cloud-based tool, which means you can build apps right in your web browser. This web app offers all of the support that you’ll need to learn how to build your own apps. App Inventor gives everyone, regardless of programming experience, the opportunity to control and reshape their communication experience.

How Memorizing Pi Can Improve Your Life
Your mind is nature’s most powerful computer, yet most of us are convinced we have poor memories. Learn how the techniques used by pi enthusiasts can be applied to improve your memory with numbers, lists, passwords, speeches, and more. By learning how to learn, you can upgrade your brain’s software.

Kickin’ Apps All Ovah the Place
Have you ever used GIS? Do you have a smart phone? Then you have used GIS, if you know it or not. In this session we will discuss Mobile GIS apps, VGI vs. crowdsourcing, geocaching adventures, and how easy it is to collect and share geographic data. Learn how mobile GIS can be used to empower you and your community with the knowledge of your environment and how you can have fun looking for hidden geocaches all over the island!

Beyond #Instagram Basics:
Privacy, Sharing, and User Engagement

Do you have an Instagram account, and would like to learn tips & tricks to secure your privacy, enhance your content, and connect with other users? If so, please join us and bring a mobile device with Instagram installed for this informative & interactive session.

The Technology in Your Life
How to coexist with technology making the most out of it while staying safe. This workshop will cover available technologies with innovative uses as well as how to use these technologies in a safe and efficient manner. This will cover among others: job websites, social engineering, kahoot, glimpse and duolingo

Computer Security Basics
Last year, hackers stole as many as 80 million personal records from Anthem, the second-largest health insurer in the US. Learn what to do and what not to do about passwords, phishing, networks, and other daily computer security issues.

Photo Spheres:
Capture your world in 360 degrees

Use your phone to take fully immersive 360 degree photos, just like in Google Street View. Photo spheres place your viewer in the midst of a picture, letting them see the world through your eyes. You’ve taken a panorama before, now your panoramas can include every direction–even above and below the camera. Photo spheres work great with VR headsets like Google Cardboard. Download the “Google Camera” app on Android or the “Photo Sphere Camera” app on iOS to get started. BYOD

For the Photography sessions, participants are asked to bring their own camera.

For the BYOD sessions, participants are asked to bring their own device (smart phone or tablet).

All day in GT 105
stop by anytime throughout the day to view demos of new products, receive one-on-one computer help, check your email or recharge your devices, register for lots of door prizes!

Demos and help with

  • Gadgets!
  • Sphero’s BB-8 and Ollie
  • Windows 10
  • One-on-one tech help
  • Robotics
  • and more…

Lunch will be available from several food vendors on site.


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