Join Us!

ESW’s KCC chapter is still a new and growing club. Whether you want to become a member or just attend an event, we are always looking for helping hands or an excited volunteer. Who can participate in events or projects? ANYONE!

  • students and faculty of ALL disciplines
  • family members and friends of ALL ages
  • businesses and organizations of ALL backgrounds
  • anyone who could contribute physically, mentally, or financially is always welcome
  • “Engineers” existed long before the title so we are in no way secluded to only members of the engineering community

How to participate: 

How you can help: 

  • participate in an event
  • spread the word and share us on social media or with friends
  • donate: money, time, tools, equipment, transportation, etc.

Why students should join: 

  • to gain work and volunteer experience
  • to learn how engineering and other physical science concepts can be applied to solve problems
  • to build friendships and connections with other peers
  • to make professional connections in the engineering workforce

Why you should help:

  • to spread the education of sustainable living
  • to build a community between students, businesses, and residents of the island
  • to give students an opportunity to practice their field of education and apply it to real world situations

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